Hi, I am Liv Lobas.

Hello, I'm Liv short for Olivia! I'm a natural light photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. 

I strive off of taking photos of the "realness" of peoples lives. I do not fall in love with photography just for taking photos but I fall in love with capturing each and every one of you as you are in all of your ways.

I want to take photos of you as you are. No-one is perfect and i want to capture your families imperfectness. I love messy hair, messy houses and things shown as a life well lived. I want the real stuff. I value love, light and laughter.

Let me capture the real you!


The Jackmans

“Olivia will make everyone feel relaxed and at ease during a shoot. She makes it feel so easy and fun! The time flies by and you’re wondering how the heck she can capture what she does. She’ll capture sweet candid moments and you’ll want to print/use SO many of them!”

01 / 05

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